good WORKS

Designed to provide support to community-based organizations that help people become more self-sufficient and that enrich their lives.

Sonya Mackintosh believes in giving back to her community. That's why smARTWORKS, Inc. contributes to the local economy in ways specifically pertaining to animal rights, cultural organizations and health issues that are close to her.

How it Works

Each season a selection of styles and an organization are paired. 15% of the sales of those items will be donated to the organization. All goodWORKS items will have a * next to its color option.

This Season's Selection

This season's selection will benefit Plenitud Puerto Rico.

Plenitud PR

Plenitud Puerto Rico is a 501c3 non-profit educational farm and community dedicated to service and sustainability. We provide people with sustainability skills and knowledge needed to encourage inner growth and to live in harmony with themselves, each other, and the natural world. The heart of our service is experiential learning in sustainability and the arts that engages people in community service, fosters relationships, and creates connections.

Since its formation in 2010, Plenitud PR has focused on the research, application, and education of sustainable techniques, encompassing a range of topics including rainwater harvesting, bio-construction, urban gardening, and more. University researchers, student interns, engineers, farmers, and volunteers collaborate with Plenitud PR’s staff to put these techniques and principles into practice at the Center for Sustainable Living. Demonstration projects are then monitored and continually refined and improved until ready to be disseminated to farmers and outreach partners through workshops, publications, and demonstration projects at other sites.

Sonya has chosen Plenitud PR because the island has been close to her heart ever since visiting several years ago. She loves the people, the lush landscape, and the amazing fresh veg and fruit -- not to mention the quiet beaches and special light. Sonya is always concerned about water security and cleanliness. Plenitud PR's work to improve water security among the most vulnerable communities on the island is an outstanding example of insuring environmental sustainability and community resiliency -- two values Sonya holds central.

Plenitud PR
Las Marías, Puerto Rico

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This program is currently limited to retail sales online and a cap of $1000 gifting total per season.